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Sam & Sonya's Wedding at Happy Days Country Retreat

Sonya and Sam’s wedding was something of a special event for the Mayflower team, as it was our first wedding working together as a team and a family.

I’ve noticed a recent trend, one that I hope continues, of weddings becoming more personal and being reflections of the couple and what’s important to them. For Sam and Sonya, who have been engaged for many years, their children are an important part of their life and they chose to get marriage when they did so their children could take part in the day. Instead of having a bridal party, the couple decided to have their daughter Lily be the flower girl and their son Alby the ring bearer.

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Perth wedding photographer
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Happy Days Country Retreat

Sam and Sonya got married at Happy Days Country Retreat at the foothills of the Darling Ranges in Roelands. While glamorous and renovated the place still has its rustic farmhouse charm, especially given it’s location, an oasis of well maintained gardens surrounded by golden fields.

The homely, lived-in atmosphere of the farmhouse really helped everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. When Sonya and her friends were getting ready in the house’s kitchen it almost felt like they were in their own home.

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The peony was the signature flower for all of Tamar’s floral designs for Sam and Sonya’s wedding. The peony is Sonya’s favourite flower, so much so that the wedding took place in November specifically to coincide with peony season.

For all the floral arrangements, from the bouquet, to cake blooms, to Sam and Alby’s button holes, and Lily’s flower crown, the peony took centre stage complemented with Eucalyptus and Queen Anne’s Lace. The white and green colour scheme was classic and neutral which fit in perfectly with the rustic farmhouse and surrounds.

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Sonya doesn’t typically wear heavy makeup, so in keeping with the homely and rustic style of the location and the floral designs, our makeup artist Charlotte kept things simple choosing to highlight some of Sonya’s best features while keeping things lightweight and comfortable.

The use of subtle orange tones really contrasted with her blue eyes, in fact, Sam thought Sonya was wearing contact lenses because of how blue they appeared on the day.

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For post ceremony portraits our photographer Laura takes a combination of candid and formal photographs. For a lot of couples the post ceremony photo session is a moment to relax and take a break. Laura approaches this in a conversational way, going on a walk with Sam and Sonya around the property to capture their first moments together as a married couple.

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Congratulations Sam and Sonya. Thank you so much for letting all of us at Mayflower be part of your special day.