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D.I.Y Easy Bridal Makeup

Our makeup artist Charlotte shares with you some tips and tricks to pull off two simple, natural bridal beauty looks. One with a pop of colour, and the second more subtle to compliment your natural features. 


Our first model Grace has green eyes which pair beautifully with complimentary red tones. If you are wanting your eyes to pop on your special day, add your complimentary colour to your bridal look, wether it be blush, eyeshadow or lipstick. For blue eyes use a warm orange based brown and for green use red or pink based products. Charlotte finished this eye look off with a bold red lip, fresh skin and defined brows. 



Our second model Sunny, has thick brows and dazzling blue eyes. To enhance her beauty Charlotte used the Jeffree Star Beauty Killers eyeshadow palette and the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette. Using a purple based brown to define the crease, with just a hint of colour to add warmth. Sunny's skin is fresh and matte to direct all attention into those eyes. Finishing the look off with a neutral coloured gloss and defined feathery brows.